Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sick Sucks

My recently dead fridge reached out from beyond its grave and poisoned me this week, as chicken I thought had remained frozen has given me the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had. After 'the' fever broke Tuesday night I felt almost human again yesterday, so signed up for what would have been an awesome ride.

I set the alarm, picked out my clothes, cleaned my waterbottles, aired up my tires, and hit the shower. An hour later I started to feel poorly, and headed for bed after changing my RSVP from maybe YES, to maybe NO. I had trouble getting to sleep. Not surprising since I had done nothing but sleep for almost 2 days, but still frustrating.

I bolted upright, the sound of the alarm in my ears, clutching for reason and comprehension as beads of sweat rolled down my face, stinging my eyes. My night clothes were soaking wet, as was 2 layers of flannel sheets and my pillow. My hair was matted and skin wet as I tried to wipe the sweat out of my eyes.

Changing my shirt to keep the chills at bay, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror - white as a sheet. It's a beautiful day out there today, and as welcome as the sunshine is when sick, I would have liked to have spent the day on a 100 km ride climbing 5,500 ft in my favorite mountains. Instead I rescheduled my periodontal appointment for next week and am searching my mind for something safe to eat.

My cousin commented on FaceBook that the Golden Rule is "when in doubt, throw it out". Lesson learned.


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

SICK = SUCKS! My goodness that dental work is never going t get done. REST and recovery.

Sorry you are dealing with this.

Grey Beard said...

Yeah, I'm kind of stressing about the dental work now as they are scolding me about how many times its been rescheduled. Have to get it done by year end for tax purposes too, so thrilled they got me in again for next Friday.

Going to try a little ride this afternoon and see how it goes. Another epic 60 miler on Sunday with tons of climbing I'd like to do, but may have to bide my time.

Lily on the Road said...

Good Lord, I do hope you are feeling better now!!

I'm with your cousin, when in doubt....

Like Robin, Rest & Recovery....