Friday, August 13, 2010

Flat-out Friday

H-Street Bridge in the background looking upstream from turn-around point

As this excellent piece on interval training (and power/duration curves by implication) points out, a 20 min TT makes a great basis for estimating all of your training power levels. The bike trail from William Pond to the Guy West Bridge is almost a perfect 5 mi/20min TT for many riders. For me it's a sub-15minute these days, but as there's lots of trail left after Guy West, I just extended the course down to the Hurley St pumping station today.

Somewhere along this Golf Course will likely be
your 20 min TT turn around point

Here's some great music to get your motor wound out and cranking at 110% of LT and make you a Highway Star!

I've done this course at 99%  97% (always good to review the training logs) of max HR, but wouldn't  recommend that as a baseline for training as I was all jacked up on antihistamines. At that power level I stripped every bit of glucose out of my blood and muscles in 15 minutes. Not a valid baseline.

Note the pumping station in upper left-hand corner. My turn-around spot.

PS: After my hammer-head friend Robin Blackburn's epic Blue Ridge Parkway ride on Saturday, I'm thinking she was conceived at a Deep Purple concert. Tell mom and dad to fess up Robin!

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