Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Outing with the Sacramento Bike Hikers

I did a fast 20-something mile ride with the SBH, which worked out to be 32 miles as I rode to the start. I guess I hung with the fast group for about 10 minutes, but was red-lining big-time at 24-26 mph. The 46 tooth "big" ring on my crank was a little inadequate at that speed. Other issues with that ring as well, so time to get a new 52t big ring.

I dropped back to a sustainable recovery pace, and waited for the slower group to catch up, which happened about 20 minutes later, led by a gorgeous tandem and a lot of half-bikes sucking on their wheel. I did the honorable thing, I got on the back of the train and sucked too! lol

You could tell this was the first opportunity for comfortable riding in 3-4 days, as the peletons were out in force tonight. In one 90 second interval we met three 15-25 man peletons. They were flying too - 20-25mph at least. You hang on tight to the handlebars when they pass, as a head-on collision between two such peletons would be pretty horrific. Only 4ft separated by a painted line, so not much margin for error.

I was coughing a LOT at William Pond Pk, and I am beginning to suspect it is a side-effect of the antibiotics I'm taking, but the ride back was strong, so no complaints.

Nice ride, and I did see some familiar faces. Fun group to ride with!

I got home and noticed a weird, fuzzy feeling green mold(?) growing on the back of my HR monitor strap. I think when I ride I sweat out enough antibiotic that it starts growing on the back of the strap? I wash it in antibacterial soap within minutes of arriving home, but have switched to Ivory bar soap and an old toothbrush now. Weird.

Also mounted new tires before heading out the door tonight. Another pair of Michelin Pro3 Race, but blue this time. I like the color of the gray better, but I saved $20 on these, and they look pretty good with the blue-ish Ultegra hubs and blue bike, but think I will need to pull the new colors together with new handlebar tape. Even guys have to color-coordinate sometimes!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, had to delete my comment, it was full of spelling mistakes. It's Friday!!!

20 minutes is a big gap between groups. That's also why I don't like running groups, no one ever runs my pace!

Nice that you were having fun. Where are those pictures?????

Grey Beard said...

I know. Friday already! TGIF?

I need a new camera! Mine works fine, but has the big grip ridge on the right, and it's heavy too. Thanks for the admonishment though. I promise the next post will have pics. I might even get my new group to relent and let me invade their privacy.

I was having a lot of fun, met some new peeps, and gave a pretty good account of myself. I did notice that I pulled too long and hard at the front as I fell off the back after I gave up the lead. Also due to me not doing intervals often enough.

I am learning the group thing. I am a solitary man by nature (is that a German thing?) but enjoy companionship too. Nice that cycling affords me both options.

One rider from my old group was perfect. Maybe a relationship with a group is like with a SO. Can you ever go back?