Friday, July 29, 2011

Aerodynamic Waterbottle Positioning.

As some of you might recall, I have lowered my downtube waterbottle cage by mounting the top hole in the cage on the bottom frame hole, and zip-tying the bottom of the cage to the frame. So is it really faster? The Cervelo engineers think so.

Check out this picture of Thor Hushvod's S5 Cervelo. The downtube has an extra waterbottle hole (braze-on?, are you kidding me? What a misnomer!!!) below the top 2 just to allow the cage to be moved down if using only one bottle.

I have a Profile Designs seat rack for 2 extra bottles, so I have removed the seat tube bottle cage. (more aero btw, than the downtube bottle in its normal position)

Check it out.

If an S5 rider is only using one water bottle cage, Cervélo found it was much faster when mounted lower on the down tube. That's what that third braze-on is for.
Yes, I have a "princess and the pea" feel for a bike, but IMHO, this made more difference than the last 10mm of handlebar drop. The reason is simple.

The air up top is still pretty clean, even behind the headtube, but down near the crank it is hopelessly burbled up, so might as well jam the bottle in there. In its usual position it destroys the clean airflow up top.

I was up after midnight last night working on my Opus Magnum of ride fuel, so not forgotten, just a really tough post to write. Oceans and oceans of data, most of it very interesting to me personally, but overwhelming too, so I am having to make hundreds and hundreds of decisions about what to leave out , and what to put in.

I've made a LOT of progress though. After 12 hrs maxing out 3 computers here I have the carbohydrate structure part pretty much done. Now for the human body's digestion part, and then some discussion. 40% done? Man, I'm tired. Going for a ride tonight!

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