Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big-D ate my homework

Sick for almost a week. Diverticulitius. AKA "Big-D" .. .so as you all know by now, I wasn't able to do any writing this week. I did have a few good hours to work on an outline and overall structure, but that also raised some questions.

For example. I have said many times that when it gets hot, and you're sweating profusely, it's important to thin your Gatorade, or hydration mix of choice, because your stomach will leach off the water so fast it will leave a very rich sugar solution in your stomach which will cause all kinds of osmotic pressure problems, and therefore, gastric distress. I'm not so sure it's really the stomach that does that though, so if not, what is the mechanism? More research required.

It's a beautiful, warm day here today, and I'd really like to go for a ride, but not going to risk making a mess of my collarbone by jumping the gun, so grinding my teeth and geeking out here. As for Big-D, it looks like I've successfully rebooted my GI tract. So hopefully no more 102 degree fevers or relapses.

I got a nice letter from my blogger friend Robin Blackburn, who is having the time of her life now doing Crits with a bunch of total hotties in Greenville, SC. I just couldn't be more proud or happy for her. You go girl!

The cherry trees across the street are in full bloom, and the one outside my kitchen window, in the shade, are puffing out a little white for the first time today. Between the richness of new life nature puts on display each year, and the NBA playoffs, who can doubt the existence of God? For my part, I am determined not to desecrate the internet with flotsom born of sloppy research and self-imposed deadlines.

Thank you all for your patience. Now get out there and ride already. Somebody has to!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living Vicariously

A few of my bike club friends completed the Davis 200km Brevet last weekend, and I'm especially proud of Joan and Jodi for finishing in under 9:00 hours on their first Brevet. Kudos Joan and Jodi! This is a nice writeup of the event for those interested in ultra-cycling.

As you know, I was hoping to do a double this year, and this would have been a perfect ramp-up to a double for me, but not going to happen while still healing up. The weather was perfect for the Brevet - cool and calm with overcast skies yielding to drizzle right at the end.

The healing up is going well, although I still have 'rotator cuff' problems when using my left arm. When tilting my head down and left, my windpipe is pinched a little too, but hoping that doesn't affect my breathing while riding. After that problematic wisdom tooth came out, the fatigue is going away fast. Now if I can just get back on a sane sleep schedule, I'll be good to go.

Speaking of that, I have been doing some walking, but am looking forward to hitting the gym for the 1st time in a long time. As I am currently in week 9 of a 12 week recovery, I am resisting the urge to go out and ride. I can't imagine the mess another break of that collarbone would make of my neck and shoulder.

Oh, went to the endodontist Monday, and the dental implant is still showing signs of mild infection so back on antibiotics - a new one that has me cramping today. I have been somewhat concerned about rejection, and am scheduled for an 'uncovering' of the implant so the dentist can fix a post and crown. This one one going to be a bit exploratory in nature as the doctor can't tell what's going on from X-Rays.... lovely... aaarrrggghhhh.

Jeeze I'd like to be done whining about dental issues, and out riding for a change. Tic-toc, it'll be here soon enough I guess. In the meantime, I hope everyone is out there getting some for me too, as I am living vicariously through you all. :D

PS: OK, I am going to make a commitment here. Sometime within the next week I will post at least the first draft of a mega post on sports nutrition for endurance sports. I've been researching this for months, and as the quantity of material increased it seemed more and more overwhelming to actually post, but the weather is getting warmer, and the hits to my Century Training are coming fast and furious, and the coverage there would be so much better served by a complete post. I may also choose to break it into several chapters, but I'll start with a post in the next week.