Monday, January 31, 2011

Move Along

.... nothing to see here. My life sure feels that way these days, with nothing much to punctuate the boredom and fatigue, but actually, things are getting a little better each day.

I'm pretty sure my collarbone is 'stuck' together again now, and has been for ~ 10 days, so barring bad luck, it is what it is, and will be for a long time I guess. Ribs still hurt, and I still sleep better when I take half a Vicodin, but I'm up for 8-12 hours a day now. Still struggling to be really alert for long enough to study tech books, but I've been watching a lot of Red Box movies of late.

Maybe I will get though that mountain of laundry, taxes, bills and have time to remove the rear wheel and take it back to Mad Cat Cycles to get the spoke replaced and the wheel trued. Hey, my goals are modest these days!

I'm hoping, after taking a 10-day course of antibiotics for some dental problems, that I will have more energy, and so have been turning my thoughts to rehabbing my injury, and working out in the gym again.

To that end I wanted to re-blog this video from my friend Mary Rambin. I knew about the situps form break, but the Eliptical Machine form was new to me. The treadmill form break totally offsets the benefits of adding incline, and doesn't promote balance and using all those small muscles in a coordinated way to insure proper balance. Thanks Mary!

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Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Those drugs..although needed... are making it difficult to be alert. Make a to-do-list and get to it. You will be back in the saddle very soon and you will not have time to tackle chores, studing, and just stuff in general.