Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Thrill Is Gone

All that sweating under my PI jacket has stirred the beast, so I am now 36 hrs into recovering from a mild bout of diverticulitis, but this cup of coffee gave me a little energy, so I took a close look at my new wheel.

I have to say, I am appalled at what Mavic considers quality control. My recommendation, pending getting a chance to inspect DT's wheel products, is to buy Mavic rims somewhere you can carefully inspect them before buying, or sticking with DT if you know their products are held to expected QC standards. 

In particular, I am disgusted that at least half of the rim wall thickness was machined away on the inside of the rim, adjacent to a 1mm+ machining away of the inner box section. As you can see, the drive-side of the rim looks a bit ratty, but at least all of the material is intact - on the inside anyway.

Looking on the outside of the rim, under the decal sticker that hides the SUP weld, there is a deep gouge machined away on the entire drive-side half of the rim. Obviously the SUP weld area is but a small fraction of the strength of the rest of the rim.

I'm outraged that Mavic has fallen this low. Apparently they could care less that their standard-bearer rim is now a cynical joke, and prefer to lavish all of their time and attention on exotic, high ticket wheels that are designed to fail in 3-5 years. This is the very worst planned obsolescence from Detroit. I will do everything I can to take my business elsewhere. My stock $45 Alex wheels, cheap stuff from Taiwan, are made better than this.



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