Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting In A Ride Is Like Pulling Teeth

It's been 30 hours since I let my mouth butcher have her way with my mouth, and have to say, it went very well. I was able to make due with Advil, Aleve, and half doses of pain meds, in a cocktail that included some Amoxicillin. Mashed potatoes and ice cream are starting to get old, but I am very happy to have this procedure done.

If the Amoxicillin will kindly not rip my gut up too bad I should be good to go as soon as the rainy weather passes. Nice that its doing its raining while I am on bike restriction (or any vigorous exercise). Thank you mother nature!

We are gong to get about an inch and a half this weekend, and 4 ft of snow in the mountains, so lots of my fellow bikers are up at the ski resorts as I write this. Hope they are having a ball. The cycling cardio is a HUGE help when having fun in the very thin air at 8-10,000 ft, and one of the biggest reasons I started cycling again 3 yrs ago this coming March.

I've done a slow ride up to Beals, a fast ride up to Old Folsom, and a very solid ride up to Beals on Thursday, so not quite getting in my 100 miles a week, especially with the rain intruding, but staying healthy and fit. In fact, the ride Thursday evening was kind of against the periodontist's recommendation, but I have yet to find a doctor, of any stripe, that gets endurance sports.

HammerinWheels has done some really great rides - some even epic - the last 2 months, and I have been sitting them out. In part this was due to my dental health spilling over into my general health, but in part due to insecurities about doing these long, and hard rides.Given my steady progress this year, even though focused on shorter rides and TTs, I need to challenge myself with a 100k length ride and get this monkey off my back.

Most of the riders doing these rides are new to the club, while many of the riders who were staples on these rides when I joined are no longer riding, or not on these hard rides. As a result, I have become an unknown in my own club, and would like to reestablish myself as one of the better, stronger riders again. There's only one way to do that - ride some tough rides and finish well.

When I got my new Sidi shoes last week I also got a coupon from Competitive Cyclist for 20% off of any apparel item, so I finally pulled the trigger on a PI convertible jacket/vest. I really like the design, as the sleeves are attached by a yoke that zips and Velcros to the vest - like a cape - so you can unzip the sleeves and still wear them.

A nice feature of this design is that you won't end up losing a sleeve, since they are attached to the yoke. This 'cape' folds (or rolls) up into a very small package that stores in the Napoleon Pocket in front - or anywhere else you'd like to put it. I'm hoping it will give me needed rain protection without making me sweat to death. Having tried it on at REI, I think it will work very well.

So as part of my plan to get this distance/duration monkey off my back, I am going to take my new RED Elite Barrier Convertible jacket for a ride to Rescue. Yup, I've just publicly committed to this ride, so come Tues or Wed, depending on the status of my implant (titanium! whoot!), I'm off for a nice 60 miler, and if I feel well, I may stretch that to 75. Time to get'er done!

PS: For mountain biking, I am really liking the new Brown color option.



Rachel said...

Nice that you're on "restrictions" while it's raining. It rained here on Saturday and I had NO desire to workout or go outside. Ick. Lucky for me, that's probably the only rain we'll get all year.

Grey Beard said...

LOL... yeah, Sandy Eggo is a pretty excellent climate! Another thing I really envy is being able to take the train north and ride back home.

So when it starts raining seriously here, come to SD and we'll go for a ride?