Friday, October 29, 2010

Safer, Cleaner Cycling

The city of Portland, Oregon is trying out a new bike-lane arrangement called cycle tracks, and it uses parked cars as the physical barrier between motor vehicle traffic and the bike lane. This is such an obviously better idea I'm disappointed I didn't think of it myself. Well-done! Here's a video explaining the concept.

On the Right Track from Mayor Sam Adams on Vimeo.

On high traffic streets, like Fair Oaks Blvd, or Sunrise, that painted barrier should be concrete K-rail painted canary yellow, or traffic orange, but this is a great start in that direction. It turns out, it also improves the air quality for cyclists, especially at peak driving times. Duh! Again, a brilliant idea hiding right under our noses - literally.

K-rail: Physical barriers for cyclists' safety


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

BRILLANT!!!! I am sending tis idea to our City Hall today! Love it.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

btw - posted on all of your blogs that I have missed.

Keep up the posting... I am still here :)