Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

I did another ride to Beals yesterday, returning via WBP, for 40 miles, and racked up 104 for the week. It was pretty hot and I was soaked in sweat by the time I got to WBP. Had a nice recovery shooting the breeze until I got sweat in my eye. The salt was so intense it was like acid!

I think I just about have the gearing sorted out. The 12-25 out back makes for decent gears. Pushing 2 cogs up on the rear derailleur when shifting into the big ring, or one down when dropping onto the middle ring, usually gives me the gear I want. Also canted the front derailleur outward just a bit more to allow full access to the 12T in back from the middle ring. Was futzing with the barrel adjusters for the first 10 miles, but have it dialed in pretty well now.

I took my bike to a friend's house and we repacked the bearings on my new wheels. The back didn't need it, but the front was rolling a bit rough. Crazy to wait on this chore. If you have any doubt, get your bearings cleaned up and packed ASAP. I really wanted this done before winter wet and grit arrives. It only took 30 minutes, working together, and we were all done.

Weirdly, the talc on the latex gloves we used got on the back wheel's braking surface, and makes the brakes grab like crazy. I wore all of the toe-in off the brake pads in one ride, so will take a ScotchBrite pad to the rims and clean the pads, and re-toe before my next ride to prevent squealing and chatter.

Seat post still sliding down, so that is still vexing me. Always something that needs attention.

The 100 mile weeks are really helping my fitness level, and strangely, my appetite has really fallen off dramatically. I'm slowly getting lighter and stronger, and getting toughened into the higher training volume - although I very much needed that rest week 2 weeks ago. Just a fact of life as we get older.

I rejoined HammerinWheels today as Perry and Jeff are putting together a nice training plan for the group, and I am getting interested in doing a double, or 3, next year. The California Triple Crown requires me to do 3, so I am busy considering my goals for next year. HWs had 4 members win the Triple Crown this year, and Greg did 5 doubles to get into the Thousand Mile Club. Fitness begets fitness.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Roy! Training is much fun, but it is also nice to see the body change and taking up better form. And what could be better to tone it all up than wearing some new outfits! Looks pretty cool.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Goal setting... now tis gets me very excited for you!! Sweet jersy btw