Monday, September 20, 2010

Third Consecutive 100+ Mile Week

Tough getting out the door yesterday, but I ground out 32 miles for a weekly total of 104 - the third 100 mile week in a row. The first 10 miles were slow, especially into the wind, but at a HR of 125 or so, I wasn't putting out much power either.

I caught a tailwind turning around at Guy West Bridge, and by the time I made it back to William Pond Pk, the HR was up to 142 and I was starting to feel stronger. I stopped for water and rolling back onto the trail, picked up the wheel of a couple. We rode almost to Hagen Pk before he negotiated to ride solo and we took off. We averaged about 23 mph, topping out at ~ 29 just before Sunrise.

He peeled off there, while I did a little loop up to Hazel to pack on ~ 6 miles before returning and heading home via Bannister Pk. I carried the speed and power well from Sunrise to Hazel, and set a new PB for that short stretch. Stomping up the short, but very steep hill at Bannister my legs were really hurting, but I kept pushing until cresting the top. Ouch!

The fatigue seems to be piling up on me a little, so I may need a rest week soon where the mileage dips a little. Also thinking of trying riding every day so I can shorten the rides. 100 miles a week is a good goal for me, and one I'd like to stick to. I may rest up and then ride to the Rescue Fire Station this weekend. I've been wanting to do that ride for months now, so with the cool weather setting in, that would be a nice way to end a week of rest.

Neck and shoulders are sore today, as I am still trying to get the handlebars and brake blocks dialed into position. I also have a new middle ring coming for the crank this week, so more wrenching is in store. Looking forward to new handlebar tape too, but trying to get the brake position right before re-taping.

Sigh of relief, my Garmin battery seems to be just fine. I must have just left it on by accident and killed the battery before Thursday's ride. Time to start looking for a headlight. The days are getting short again.

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