Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Techie Tuesday

I've been monitoring my front brake wear since I put on the new brake pads last month, and detected a little scraping last night on the way home. Generally, the new pads have worn in very nicely, with an almost perfect patina on the rim now, but the scraping warranted inspection.

Note the bright area of wear/gouging in the middle

Gouging caused by tiny stones embedded at toed rear of brake pad. Remove at once if at all possible!

The other side of the wheel, and it's brake pad, were immaculate, or about as good as is possible riding outdoors.

Near perfect braking surface wear

Finally, a small thing that has made a BIG difference in my comfort. I bought this Halo Headwear bandana 2 yrs ago, but my old helmet fit so tight I could never wear it.

It has a bright yellow sweat barrier that runs the entire width of the forehead, and keeps the sweat pads on my Bell Ghisallo helmet from spilling sweat right down my nose and all over my glasses. What a huge improvement in comfort and visibility. My glasses often don't even need cleaning now after a ride. I like the flap in back that flaps around in the wind over the top of the ties too.

Rinsing it out in cold water and using it to mop the salt off my face, or just putting it back on when its nice and cold from fresh water are also great perks. Part of my standard kit now. Mine's white. Also available in red and blue.



Anonymous said...

Ha, showing off your treasures! It's just like when we runners brag about our running shoes. Difference though we need very little maintenance.

Grey Beard said...

Love a low-maintenance woman .. :))

Good point too, although I have noticed my running shoes have the Nike+ system to chat with an iPhone, and most runners are using Garmin GPS, CamelBaks and high-tech plastic clothes these days, so you're catching up with us bling-bling bikers. ;)

Or maybe you found the point of my post to be the importance of "rubbing it in" skillfully? lololol

Hugs, and keep up the great workouts!