Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Racing the Sun

Out for a 15 mi loop right before sunset, so had to make it a hard, fast ride tonight. Something special about riding at sunset. The "get back to the cave, the wolves are starting to howl" juices really start flowing.

Speaking of wolf chow, I almost hit two deer who froze on either side of the 8' bike trail, and then bolted when I got within 15 ft. I anticipated the problem, but still made very good use of the new front brake pads. I think it was the heavy breathing that scared them. Must have been doe ;)

They, and every other critter along the ARPT look incredibly healthy this year with the late, wet, spring, and cool summer. Flocks of a dozen or more quail are common, as are coyotes, skunks, snakes, peacocks, HUGE turkeys, and a thriving California Condor population. (or are those just buzzards?) Also seeing road-kill squirrels in large numbers - a testament to their sheer numbers this year - as you rarely see this otherwise.

Forgot to start the timer on the Garmin, so only have the last 5 miles, and most of that is rolling hills coming home. Still managed to average 18mph - surprising since I hardly used the aerobars at all tonight, using the drops instead. I'm getting more comfortable down there, and was happy with the power. My back is a little trashed though.

Won't get to ride with SBH tomorrow night as I have some errands attendant with selling a car to do. Will be happy to have this chore behind me.

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