Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends

 For the first time in months I got in a 100 mile week - 113 miles, and feeling really good too. I got a lot of encouragement from my friends Robin and Stephanie, and want to thank them for that. I'll need to get some dental stuff handled, and get a headlight soon, but hope to be able to keep up the miles until rains or winter sets in.

On my 19 mile recovery ride yesterday I took it easy on for the first 10 miles, averaging a little below 120 BPM, but after stopping very briefly under the Guy West Bridge (why ISN'T there a drinking fountain there?) to suck down some Gatorade, and eat part of a PowerBar, I was feeling strong.

I kept adding power as I was leaving and found my legs and cardio surprisingly willing, so I ended up hammering out a 20.8 average for the 5 mile "power band". I was really surprised my legs were holding up, but not wanting to break my toy I pulled the plug at WBP and stopped for some water and a cool-down.

I met a great guy there named Issac, who had a Star of David tattoo on his right arm. He was riding a track bike, which he likes because it keeps him from getting "lazy" on his rides, requiring him to keep his legs moving all the time. Since his primary goal is burning sugar out of his blood to control diabetes each day, this seemed like a brilliant strategy.

It did get us talking about famous track cyclists, the 1984 Olympics, and Nelson Vails in particular. I was living in LA during that time and drove down to Carson a few times to watch the matched sprints qualification races for the Olympics. I took a lot of pics of those events, so I might have a few of Nelson in my collection. Will have to check.

Look at those tree-trunks
The guy's legs are gigantic!
Issac, originally from Jersey, also told me he showed up at the draft board during the Vietnam war with his parents, each of which had Nazi concentration camp serial number tattoos. The draft board didn't have the heart to ask any more of his family, so he was excused.

I'm starting to notice how many people I am meeting that, like me, ride just to stay healthy. Health insurance rarely makes any contribution to your health - it's a fund to mitigate the financial impact of disease. Nothing more and nothing less.

Health insurance will no more keep you healthy than auto insurance will prevent accidents. It's diet and exercise that keeps you healthy. Exciting to see so many executing on that insight.


Anonymous said...

This guy looks like he's wearing rubber! I'm sure it's not...LOL. I think active people should get some sort of reduction on Health Insurance for staying healthy. I know coverage charges will go up when you drink and smoke.

Enjoy the rest of your labor day:-)

Grey Beard said...

He might be! Most likely that is the effect of posterizing the photo, but this is when the aerodynamic footprint of clothing first got a lot of attention, so it might have a slick or rubberized surface.

Totally with you on scaling HI premiums for life-style.

I was just saying to my old riding partner the other day as we were watching an ad for the Power Scooter (not a wheel chair, oh, God no, nothing gimpy like that, it's a scooter) that if the government is going to buy people so addicted to food that they can no longer walk wheelchairs, then they ought to buy us free sporting goods!