Thursday, September 30, 2010

Didn't Get the Memo?

Did I miss the "it's bloggers' break month memo"? I feel like I woke up from a nap on a long flight and found myself all alone on the plane! :-O  Where are all of my blogger friend's blog updates?

Ok, on a personal note, I sold my car today. Whew... finally! So why do I feel like I've lost a friend, or fed my first-born to the lions to keep from being eaten myself? I need to make an emergency, sanity sustaining trip to REI.

Yes, I had 2 cars and work at home, but I don't love my old car like I did my Honda Accord Coupe - AKA road rocket. Sigh.... but....

Bike bling will get you through times of no car, better than car will get you through times of no bike bling.


Anonymous said...

The blogger is moody! It's a strange place; just the same as some days you have tons of traffic on the roads for no reason and other days everyone decides to stay at home. I don't get this pattern at all.

Great phrase at the end of your post. So true!!!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I am SORRY ;(

I am here still just have been crazy and distracted. just updated my blog so you will understand perhaps.

Yes!!..on selling your car. I know it must be hard but the relief is a nice gift to have.

Will catch-up on your post...promise. Keep rolling forward my friend.

Grey Beard said...

Thanks for checking in. I always enjoy these comments, so nice to find them here.

I think this time of year athletes are emotionally exhausted from a long summer of goal-fulfillment, and the shorter days tend to trigger a subdued hibernation instinct I'm convinced humans still carry in their genes.

We get fattened up on fall harvest feasts and festivals, and then lazy to save energy for the long winter.

I added SiteMeter and found out I have readers! Sometimes one gets to wondering. Should help me focus on what people want to read too.