Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun One

I took a short 20 mile ride down to CSUS/Guy West Bridge last night and was in a draft almost the whole time on the bike trail. That almost never happens as I am either too fast or too slow.

On the way to CSUS I got passed and bridged up to grab the wheel of a rider. We traded off a few miles later and I pulled him until he turned off and went over the bridge onto campus. Not a blistering pace, but the wind was in our faces, so 22-23 was solid.

Turning around and heading home after a 10 min break, a couple of guys blew past me just after I hit the bottom of the ramp. I was able to bridge up and had a great draft in the 23-25mph range. As the leader tired I bridged up to his tail-gunner (discovered later these guys were not together) and then sat up to give the trailer a better draft.

A half mile or so before Watt Ave the locomotive stood and sprinted. I went with him and looking at the Garmin trace, looks like we pushed it up to ~ 30mph before he unexpectedly peeled off. The trailer moved up and we stayed together until I peeled off.

That's fun riding!


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I love how you just jump in and out of lines with riders that are unknown. Very cool to share the road and a nice draft or strong pull.

btw - on your previous post...VERY NICE!! Sounds like you gave more than 103% on that ride. I loved being pushed...most of the time...and ALWAYS love the end result when it is all said and done.

Grey Beard said...

:D ... a few things I've learned about pickup racing. If I am sucking on someone's wheel and they are doing most of the work, I make sure to thank them for the pull before I peel off. Least I can do is acknowledge their contribution.

If someone starts slowing I tell them to let me know if they want me to pull, and if they do drop back, I back off the pace for a minute or two to make sure they have time to recover so they can stay on my wheel.

I try to leave a bike length between us, ride so as to be able to see up the trail ahead of him so I can see what he might have to react to, and often ride in the aerobars if the guy is stable. That is not for me so much as him, as I don't create nearly as much drag on the guy when aero like that.

Finally, if the guy objects, I let him go, or pass him.

Jumping on the wheel of a fast rider is a great way to improve, and so is taking up the challenge of pulling someone or dropping someone, depending on the vibe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with make it seem a whole new game and fun plus you give and take!

Lily on the Road said...

Sounds like the perfect ride. BTW, love your new banner, very nice.

Grey Beard said...

Hi Lilly, and thanks! Sacramento is blessed with great mtb and road biking, and the American River Parkway Trail is the heart and soul of that.

Btw, I was on Google Earth and looked at your Rideau Lakes route. What a gorgeous route! I grew up in southern Minnesota and saw the same glacial lakes on the southern part of your route that were so common in Minn.

Someday I hope to visit your part of Canada. Till then, cheers!