Friday, July 30, 2010

Freedom Friday

So I heard back from the recruiter that my 5 and.6th interviews had to be rescheduled because of vacation schedules, so I closed up my browser, pushed back my chair and felt a big fat grin creep over my face. Hey, after two days of hustling, I'm free for the rest of the day.

It was about 1:00 when I headed out, determined to take the heat of the day in stride, whatever the temperature. I rolled right past the detour on the way to Hazel before realizing the trail was back open. Those new retaining walls they built are AWESOME. Huge boulders stacked and anchored naturally, they are gorgeous. (photos soon, I promise)

Waiting for the light I resolved to wait up for a few minutes at the Aquatic Center to see if I could drop in on the HammerinWheels mtb ride held every Friday at 1:00. Just as the light was about to change I saw the whole group ride past on the other side of the intersection and start up the bridge. I caught up with them, had a breif chat, and gave a shout-out to Marsh. He's leading from the front these days!

I got to Beals and needed a good blow and time to cool off. Sucking down my 2nd bottle of water I noticed I skidded through my back tire tread yesterday trying to stop in time to keep from making road kill out of a couple of distracted mothers and their broods. The cool thing is, those Pro3 Races hung together in spite of tread showing through on about half the tire! Yeah Michelin!!!

With a nice ride planned for tomorrow I should be able to get at least 100 miles in this week. Not huge mileage, but for the first time in a month, I am not exhausted and flat on my butt after my ride. Now that's more like it!

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