Thursday, June 24, 2010

Root Canal with Kicker

Well, I got home from a lovely root canal yesterday, flopped into bed, exhausted from crushing the arms on the dentist's chair with my clutching hands and white knuckles, woke up 2 hrs later and was still numb as a tree stump.

I decided the best way to get the use of my moufh back was to burn/metabolize the Novocaine out of the bone by getting my heart pumping, so got dressed and headed out the door. I was surprised I had any energy, as I had not eaten all day, but the nap did wonders, and I was setting a good, brisk pace.

It was hot, so after 10 minutes or so I reached for my waterbottle, stuck the valve in the side of my mouth, and squirted Gatorade right out the other side. Turns out you can't really suck on a waterbottle with half your mouth working. :D  It was so hilarious I couldn't keep myself from laughing. A young couple out pushing a tandem stroller saw the whole thing from a distance and had the most comical look on their faces as I rode by. I mumbled in my best muffle-face "woot cwanal".

Not a long ride, and not an especially memorable one, except for the total silliness of trying to get some water, but at least when I got home, I could feel my face again. I made a few cups of Sushi rice, cut in a couple of tablespoons of sugar when fluffing with a fork, and had my first meal of the day as my recovery meal. Thankfully, I didn't have to chew much, because the few times I bit down on that tooth I almost came out of  my chair.

The pain kept building all day today, so caved and filled the prescription for Amoxicillin this evening. That and Advil are keeping the worst of the pain at bay, but sure hope this passes by tomorrow morning. Still, all in all, real happy I sucked it up and got a ride in. When the going gets tough.... and all....


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

MY WORD... I am thinking that after that kind of work you should have probal;ly not have ridden...BUT I am not trying to tell you what to do. Sometimes we do what we NEED to do and nothing is wrong with that.

Hope that you are getting better with each day. Keep rolling my friend.

Grey Beard said...

Happy I went, but maybe the extra bloodflow contributed to swelling. Don't really know. Rough night last night though, and really, really painful. Looking forward to getting some sleep tonight, and a ride in tomorrow evening.

Thanks for thinking of me.