Friday, June 18, 2010

PB climbing Beals Pt

So with my dental emergency handled for now, and smogging the car in limbo waiting for the reply from CAP to see if I can get $500 from California to fix my old car, I thought I was long overdue to head up to Beals again.

Most of the ride was pretty uneventful, and given the time off the bike, pretty fast, which didn't occur to me until noticed I was on pace to set a new PB from my front door to Karen's Bakery. Then I remembered I'd forgotten to start the Garmin until a couple of miles into the ride, so pretty sure that skewed the time in my favor.

Still, it was encouraging, so I decided to stop, fuel up, catch my breath, and make another timed climb up to Beal's Point. My previous best time was 14:00 flat. I did it tonight in 13:23. The wind was favorable, but the trail is very overgrown due to the wet spring and lack of $$$ for maintenance, so not much of a factor.

I stood and climbed the short little hill at Bannister Pk Alberto Contador style, bobbing up and down on my pedals. I never climb that way, but good for leg strength, and I was surprised how natural it felt. My Achilles tendon is screaming at me a bit right now, but it hung in there during the climb. A nice ride after such a long layoff.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. A bakery is a great finish to have:-)

Grey Beard said...

It would have been a great place to fuel up too, but I am so entrenched in routine I passed right by and ate a PowerBar instead.

Have you moved to NYC yet? Settling in? New blog? Miss you girl! >:D<