Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to 'Normal'

After an early ride to avoid the heat of another 102 degree day yesterday, things are supposed to cool down here today. I think mid-90s are still on tap, but hoping for a strong Delta Breeze to cool things down into the mid-60s tonight, making for comfortable riding temps this evening - my favorite time to ride.

It was so hot yesterday my indoor-outdoor thermometer died, so I was off to Home Depot last night  to get a replacement. The new one is wired (the wireless seemed to develop problems after a year), but it has a humidistat, so more numbers to play with. Playing around with the new one to get it set up, I was amazed that the temps at the top of my vaulted ceiling are 15 degrees higher than down here on the floor. I've been putting off installing a ceiling vent fan up there for years. Maybe it's time.

Something about my ride yesterday, in addition to the Amoxicillin, gave me bad cramps all day yesterday, and generally played hell with my GI tract. That too has returned to normal now, and I only have a day left on the meds anyway, so that will be a non-issue soon. Nice to sit here, enjoy a cup of coffee, and not have to get up to do to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Very nice.

Pain is zero, swelling almost gone, and I am looking forward to a nice big salad again tonight. With it getting warmer I'm going to have to warm up to mornings. Oh, and order one of those $90 MagicShine 900 lumen bike lights from GeoMan. That kind of  light would have cost $500 two years ago. When the Delta Breeze blows, riding near, and hopefully, after dark, is really wonderful. Looking forward to that!


Stephanie said...

So sorry to hear about your tooth. Did they at least give you laughing gas?? I had the best time ever when I got my root canal, but the worst hang over!

I hope some cool winds are coming along your way. Being active outdoors when it's that hot is a real turn off.

Grey Beard said...

No laughing gas this time. The last wisdom tooth I had done I used an oral surgeon and was out completely. Had wrenched my back and was in horrible pain.

Woke up and the nurse asked if I was OK. Groggy I replied - "Yeah, my back feels great". Getting knocked out broke the pain-cycle, back relaxed, and wow, did I feel better. We both had a good laugh once I got the irony.

Loving the cool today, because you are so right, heat is just miserable. Are you back working in NYC again?

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

We have gotten a nice break in the heat here. When it spkes agiain our rides will start in the dark and we are ready. We do what we need to do. Glad you are looking ahead and very glad that the tummy is behaving. Keep rolling my friend.