Saturday, May 15, 2010

Picking My Spots

The weather has been so weird this year. It's either cold and raining, or it's blowing like a banshee and in the 80s. I love the weather this time of year, except with my allergies I really suffer when the wind blows the great outdoors into a giant pollen soup.

Long story short, I am stuck indoors again today as I will be awash in meds tomorrow riding down to see the end of the first stage of the Amgen Tour of California. Today I am pouring over a C# book and staring out the window, giving my system a break from the meds.

I did manage a nice 35 mile ride down to Discovery Park earlier in the week, and could feel the rust the next day getting out of bed. I rarely go downstream, but wanted a change, so took the detour around WBP and had a nice ride downtown.

Unfortunately, they have turned off the water to all the drinking fountains at Discovery Pk, I assume to discourage homeless people from living in the area, but as expected, they knew where to find water. Only the cyclists and those on picnics were doing without. I was a little embarrassed about what the Pro riders practicing on the ARPT might think of California - too broke to keep the drinking fountains open. Sigh......

I ended up having to cross the Guy West Bridge to get water at CSUS campus, as the detour at WBP would have had me home before the next water. Not really a big deal, except it was 80+ degrees, and I had brought only one water bottle.

So is summer finally here? Well, almost. Another cold shower on Monday. Let's hope the riders will appreciate the cooler weather and the rain will not be the "soaked to the bone" variety from last year's Amgen tour. I think the later start date this year is going to make the race even better, and perhaps, even top the Giro in popularity. The teams are certainly impressive this year!  Anyone have a pair of wool shorts for mayor Johnson?

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