Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I've been working on my bike, to try to morph it still again, this time into a TT bike. Looking at a shiny new P3 Cervelo at WBP, I have to say, she'd have had a big advantage if we'd crossed paths, but so it goes. Nice eye candy, and I asked her about the Adono seat. She liked it a lot, and claimed it really helped her fit on the 54cm frame at 5'7" of body height. She seemed to be riding in a very forward position, but that should help her power, so all good.

I flipped my stem, moved a token 2.5mm spacer from under to over the stem, jammed the seat forward as far as it would go - about 12mm, installed a 12-23 cassette, and then installed my new front wheel. (Yes, it finally got here, correct color and all)

The stem adjustments were good for about a 28mm drop in handlebar position, giving me a 40mm drop from seat to pads. I never felt stable enough to be comfortable with my old wheel with the stem flipped, but the 32 DT Revolution spokes make for a very solid but supple wheel. I also removed the waterbottle rack from the seat tube, but may move the downtube bottle there as it is, surprisingly, more aero on the seat tube.

In fact, the bike, for the first time, feels well balanced, like the weight distribution on the two wheels is now 50:50. The Roubaix, like all comfort bikes, is designed for a rear-biased, upright position, and it takes a lot of work to get it low enough and forward enough to make good speed on the flats.

I am looking at an Easton EC 70 Zero seat post, which has zero setback, unlike the stock Roubaix's 25mm of setback. The Roubaix seat post is also pretty heavy - about twice the weight of  the Easton's 215gr. I'll shave a little off of that by cutting the 400mm post down to 350mm to match the stock post, but carbon doesn't weight that much, so it won't make a huge difference. I do like having a nice piece of carbon tubing laying around. Makes a great aerobar mount for computers or lights.

So what did all this get me? Well, last week I pulled 2 other riders in a draft and managed 21.1 for the 5 miles from CSUS to William B Pond park. Tonight I managed a 21.8, a new PB I think.


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I am a BIG beleiver in a great bike fit!! Perfect balance is key for the longer rides. Your body has a way of telling you when something it not right.

Grey Beard said...

Yeah, MY body sure does! I have found my fit changes as I make changes to my bike attendant with changes in my rides. I should ease into things a bit perhaps. Duh!

I ordered the Easton seatpost because I found it for $59 at Jenson and no matter what style I ride, the seat is just too far back. I generate about 20% more power seated further forward. Climbing Beals for time taught me that.

I am shocked, appalled and incredulous that your Orbea failed. You might at least look at another brand.

Unless you have an unusually short torso you can skip the "women's specific" scam. The adjustments for shorter average torsos on women are easily accomplished with seat and handlebar adjustments. I have a more difficult fit than most women, at 5'9" and 29" inseam. No problem. 54cm frame and 120mm stem with seat moved forward.