Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, My Aching Back

Got low back flexibility issues? Check!!!

I feel like I got stretched on the rack. I moved my aerobars inward today, and the pads outward, which should help my breathing, but I may have to put the measly 7.5 mm of spacers back under the stem - at least until I can get my core stronger and slimmer.

Hate that my weight has again become an issue, not in the way it is for climbing, but in how it affects my core muscles. First I'll get the core strong, and while doing that, will be trying to diet a little. I am very healthy at this weight, but it is limiting my cycling.

I noticed that my HR was down about 5% last night from last week on the CSUS-WBP run, so hoping that 5% boost will get me solidly into the low 22s on a good day. A calm day would be nice, as wind always hurts you, even on a 2-way run. (the headwind hurts you longer than the tailwind helps you)

I was stunned to find that when I took the .76% slope down to zero on a "what-if", my speed increased by over 2mph. I'd like to be able to do a 2-way run > 22 mph, but not sure I can sustain an average of 98% of max HR for 30 min, so working on some more aero gains to go with a greater VO2max and LT. (VO2max is scaled for body mass, so as you lose weight it automatically goes up)

I am hoping for speed in the 23-25mph range on the flat, straight, hard concrete surface of the South Folsom Canal. That's an O&B course though, so not going to be able to crank out 300 watts for an hour. I think somewhere between 270 and 285 is going to be my limit, at least for now. I will have to give it a go soon. Maybe this weekend I can do a dry run and test the waters.

 South Folsom Canal TT Course. Usually done as an O&B. Flat, straight, hard concrete, and no traffic. Wind is an issue though as the walls of the concrete canal funnel the wind. Scenery is concrete walls.


Anonymous said...

Once you get back onto a more lean diet it is actually ok. I guess it's all about making the first step. I had to come clear on this the past days as well...either indulge or make sure my running is going to improve.

You can do it!!!

I just read a good book "Racing Weight", by Matt Fitzgerald. A lot of things I already knew, but it was nice to get it all refreshed and motivated.

Grey Beard said...

With the pain subsiding a bit I can tell this is not a low back strain. I have aggravated an old mid-back injury with the torque I put on it riding that hard in the new position. I got a cramp in the same area a month ago hammering hard coming back from Beals, so not an entirely new problem.

The muscles involved are on the outside of the torso, so more girth stretches them, putting additional stress on them and the back.

I can get down to 175, but will likely have to fast to get there. My body hangs onto fat very tenaciously - genetic adaptation to famine I'm sure.

Thank you for your encouragement Stephanie. The last time I got down to that weight was 6 yrs ago, and I know so much more about nutrition now it should make things easier.