Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Gloriously, the sun finally reappeared today, so I saddled up and rode up to Beal's Pt at Folsom Lake. After eating a PowerBar I started sluggish. Not sure why this carbo-loading kicker slows me down like this, but it does. I made up for it on the return leg.

Highlights were:
  1. Beautiful sunny day and deep blue water in the lakes and river
  2. Sun isn't setting till after 5:00 again
  3. Met a couple of friends up there
  4. Averaged 18.2 mph for the 12 miles from Beal's Pt back to Sunrise
  5. Got in about 2,300 ft of climbing using a slightly flatter return from Bannister Pk
  6. I could feel the lower density of the warm air today, but just pushed hard and wracked up 21 minutes in Zone 5
  7. My calf wasn't hurting today, perhaps because of a snowboarding sock with lots of thickness over the calf
  8. I "starved" myself again, eating nothing during the ride except 1 bottle of Gatorade. Working on getting my body to burn more fat to stave off liver glycogen exhaustion
  9. Friends chained to their desks were crazy jealous that I got to go ride in the middle of a warm, sunny day

    I found myself looking through Colorado Cyclist's wheel building site again last night. Thinking of going with a Mavic CXP-33 aero rim instead of the Open Pro. The Ultegra 6700 hub is only available in 32 spokes up front, and since that is more than I need for strength and durability, I am thinking of taking on 65 grams of weight to get  a more slippery wheel up front where the airflow is ahead of the frame, and therefore, still clean. I love the strength of the Open Pro's double eyelets in back, but not needed up front. Whew. What a great ride!

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