Wednesday, December 9, 2009

R&R - ing a Gear Cassette

I have been meaning to put this how-to up as a video for some time, but never wanted to take the hour or so it takes to get 4-5 takes down when doing this chore. I am usually rushing to get the cassette cleaned for a ride the next morning and it's late at night.

This time I was moving the cassette to a new wheel, so I took the time to do it a few times while recording. Sorry about the mumbling under my breath while my thoughts try to tunnel their way to the surface. You wouldn't believe how many things were competing to be said as I was wrenching away.

If you want to change your gearing, just buy a cassette and then follow these two procedures to remove your old cassette and mount the new one. I would recommend that you clean these periodically, and before storage, in a 50:50 solution of distilled water and Simple Green. A good, flat bristle toothbrush can be a big help with a dirty cassette. When storing, rub dry with a clean and dry terry rag, then oil lightly with Pedro's chain lube.

Use a short piece of PVC pipe and some zip ties to hold the pieces together in order and place the assembled cassette in a zip-lock bag in a box with all of your other cassettes. It is GREAT to have your whole quiver of arrows ready at hand when the need arises for special gearing.


Taking it apart...

Putting it back together.

This is a picture of an alloy freewheel hub where large steel cogs, which were pinned together, but without an actual spider, nearly tore through their splines. This is my old wheel, and this damage was all done on a single climb in one afternoon.

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