Friday, August 7, 2009

Post-ride Recovery

I have a new favorite post-ride recovery meal - Gatorade!

I often get home with extra Gatorade, mixed from my concentrate bottle and my last hydration stop/s. It usually ends up going to waste. After pouring still another 30oz or so down the drain last month I occurred to me that Gatorade has everything needed for a great post-ride recovery "meal"
  1. It's already made, so can be consumed immediately
  2. It's sugars are fast carbs, high on the glycemic index
  3. It has lots of fluids to remedy dehydration ASAP
  4. It has lots of electrolytes to replenish some of what is lost
  5. It's free, since I'm just going to end up pouring it down the drain anyway
  6. It's great to wash down some Advil with, and prompts me to do so (I tend to forget)
  7. It gets me going in the liquid direction, with follow-on fruit juices and milk
I have found that this one, simple change has virtually eliminated my issues with Big-D. Sometimes the solutions we need are ready at hand if our minds are open enough to accept them.

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