Monday, August 10, 2009

Ode to New Zealand Fishermen

I scored some beautiful New Zealand orange roughy at Bel Aire the other night, and have been trying to find the perfect recipe ever since. It cooled down tonight so I decided to bake it on a bed of Italian bread crumbs sitting on a little walnut and almond oil.

The roughy has a very clean, delicate flavor, so I diluted the bread crumbs with some wheat germ for its light nutty taste, and added a bit of garlic and parsley. If I can get more roughy tomorrow, I will bake this again, but use a lot more wheat germ to keep the flavors very light. The fish is just amazing.

Not since ordering Wolfgang Puck's northern pike have I tasted anything like this. The runner up recipe was lemon (or lime), ginger and white wine. Lemon with grated orange zest would be about perfect, especially cooked in smoking hot almond and hazelnut oil.

Hey, save some for me!

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