Sunday, August 9, 2009

How to change a flat tire in < 5 minutes

I did a fair piece of talking here, and still the video time is ~ 2:30, so especially for the front tire, you can be done with this chore and back to your workout in < 300 seconds!

If you're doing this stuff at home, change out of that Brooks Brothers suit and slip into something expendable, like the polka dotted T-shirt your mother-in-law bought you, or you'll be buying chocolates and flowers until the day you die - and you'll now have no excuse, cause you've been schooled. :D

The rear wheel will take a bit longer, but if you shift down onto your small chainring in front, and onto your 2nd or 3rd smallest cog in back, the R&R on the back wheel doesn't take but a few seconds more. Be sure to bring some latex gloves in your kit to keep drive train grease off your hands, handlebars, clothes, and generally, all of creation.

Oh, be very sure there is no part of the inner tube between the rim and either bead of the tire before you put air in it. If in doubt, air up about half way, let the air back out, and then air up fully.

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