Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another ONE bites the dust




I did it! More to come when life and sanity returns to this tired mind, but I am walking on air that I finally beat this mountain. Enjoy the Motion Based reports until then. :D


Stephanie said...

Did I read right you cycled 91 miles? Way to go.

Thanks you so much for all your tips on my blog. They are super useful. Locked out the front suspension which helped A LOT! And hey - I mixed some Gatorade into my water!!! (I learn!!!!)

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

My goodness... are you in the ER?!! Off to study you reports... AMAZING!!!!

Grey Beard said...

Thanks so much for the kudos. Yeah, this tired old dog did 91 miles and ~ 11,500 ft of climbing. The human body is an amazing machine. Even more amazing, my BP was fully recovered 5 hrs later.

That tip from Lance Armstrong's trainer, to stay out of zone 5 to prevent fatigue, really is golden advice. I even ate a small dinner, drove home 2 hrs, and unpacked the car - before collapsing into my LazyBoy. I am just thrilled I can still succeed at such a challenge. Old, schmold. "On your left". I'm coming through! :D