Sunday, May 24, 2009

Resetting a Garmin Edge 305

I too just went out the door, found my favorite spot with no trees or powerlines overhead, and turned on my Garmin 305 Edge. Nothing! No beeps, no displays, nothing. I pressed a medley of buttons to no avail and headed back upstairs to my apt to plug it in, thinking it was somehow dead after an overnight charge. It didn't report charging when I plugged it in. Still dead as a doornail.

I looked on the web and found a lot of posts, but they were conflicting, so here's one that works. Let's make this FIVE steps, OK?
  1. Plug a powered USB mini plug, either from the wall charger, or your computer, into the back of the unit
  2. Let the unit charge up for 10-20 minutes
  3. Press the Reset/Lap (bottom left button) AND the Mode button (lower left side button) at the same time
  4. Wait a few seconds and hit the Power button (upper left side button)
  5. Let the unit charge up fully before riding
How this thing managed to go into vapor lock sitting in it's mount on the bike overnight is beyond me, but it seems to have drained a full 12 hr battery charge with its "migraine headache".

Practical Tip: Put the unit on the bike and turn it on BEFORE anything else on ride day so you have time to futz with this stuff while you are showering, mixing Gatorade, airing up the tires, dressing, and putting the bike in/on the car. Otherwise you will be late for your event OR will have to ride "dumb" for the day, with all of the emotional stress that brings.

Of course, if you have a blog you can blog about the whole thing while the Garmin recharges itself. :D

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