Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Day Grey

"It never rains in California, but man it pours" - and it's going to rain for a week here, so what to do? My body wants to sleep, probably because my German ancestors worked their butts off all summer long, and then chilled and drank lots of nutritious beer when the foul winter weather set in. (I read a history of beer once that claimed that Europeans didn't give up their nomadic lifestyle until the invention of beer because grain losses to rodents was so severe the only way to keep those losses in check was to pull up stakes and move every year or two) At any rate, I'd rather dance with Mother Nature than fight with her, so I'm happy to go with the flow and chill on a rainy day.

Fortunately, we have pretty good wx forecasting these days, so I knew this break was coming and hit it pretty hard last week. (A little too hard trying to get to a friend that crashed I think)

I'm doing some cooking, eating well, enjoying a bit of brew, registering for the Canyon Classic Mt Hamilton ride, ordering some new bling for Fancy, cleaning the machine, reading up on the Garmin, and doing some core workouts.

In the spirit of "less is more", this will be my shortest ever post. Rest is just as big a part of performance improvement as Frequency, Intensity, and Time of effort. I hope all of my blogspot friends had a great performance this weekend. I sure did.


Rachel said...

Gotta watch how good you feel after a recovery, eh? That's why I'd rather just train tired. Or, hell, how 'bout exhausted? Can't push too hard then!

Grey Beard said...

Is that the plan? What if you need to push hard to stress cardio, musculature, nutrition?

Kate R said...

Great blog. Great to read!

Grey Beard said...

Thanks Kate! I try to cover stuff others don't, and share some unique perspectives. I was riding with a friend last month. We ran over some glass and both of us immediately put our gloved hands on the wheels to knock any embedded glass off the tires.

Cycling for 40+ years now, I'd like to pass some of these tips on, and really like it when someone, like yourself here, lets me know it's appreciated.