Saturday, May 23, 2009

Improving the Garmin Signal Quality

Using a scrap piece carbon fiber steering tube, some 1/8th inch vinyl tubing, and 4 zip ties I remounted my Garmin 6" further forward onto my aerobars hoping to boost the signal quality from "good" to "excellent". Not only can I see it much better, but without my body leaning over the Garmin unit, I am indeed now getting an excellent signal.

I first zip-tied the Garmin mount to the CF tube, and then zip-tied the tube to the aerobars. The vinyl is sticky and keeps the zip-ties from sliding around. They will give a little, which allows you to tilt the Garmin as needed, but it stays stuck nicely where you put it. I used a pliers to pull the zip-ties really tight. Oh, and you might have to put a piece of wood or book on top of the vinyl tubing to flatten it a bit in order to get the zip-ties through. Boiling it in water for a minute helps a lot too. If you don't have a piece of steering tube, I'm sure a 3" piece of PVC pipe will work just as well.

A nice aero mount. With the Garmin unit mounted, it looks a bit like the Star Trek Enterprise sans the engine nacelles. (or you could view the aerobars as two gigantic engines! :D)


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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll fly like a spaceship, or better like a rocket.