Friday, April 3, 2009

Too Tapered

After my 2nd 40 mile ride in two days I felt spectacular last Thursday evening, but woke up Friday morning half dead. I slept most of the day, and Saturday too, and didn't really start moving around and doing boring house chores until Sunday. Even then I was aware of a deep fatigue still working its way to the surface, so I resolved to take Monday off too. I intended to ride Tuesday, but life got in the way, so I was really disappointed when Wednesday turned out to be another blast of pollen laden howling wind.

By last night my legs were in auto-motor mode, my knees bobbing up and down ferociously as I tried to figure out the new rock I bought for Fancy - my blue Roubaix. OK, it's tortured silicon, not carbon, but I went to VDO cause Jared pretty much sucks when it comes to circuits. Finally I did something so rare I can't even remember the last time I did it - I went to a convenience store and bought beer.

If I buy a 6-pack there's still one in the fridge 8 months later, but I was amping so bad I just HAD to get some chill. Of course, what I really needed was a RIDE. Oh damned I needed a ride. Like last page in the black book booty call BAD I needed a ride. I got it today. Finally, but wow did my body let me know how much to taper. Monday I was still a bit tired. Tuesday I was itchy, last night I was climbing the walls with the energy of a 2-yr old.

Four days max - taper no more!

Party Pardee, I'm gonna crush you!!!


Gotta Run said...

Whi invented a Taper anyway? They drive us all crazy.. when done correctly. :)

Grey Beard said...

They sure do! (but in a good way)