Saturday, March 28, 2009

Party Pardee - Next Saturday

Party Pardee is coming up next Saturday, and at 65 miles and 4,150 of climb, I think I am more than ready, so will ride an "easy" 40 miler on Tuesday and take this weekend off. After the 60 mile ride to Rescue 40 hours after a hard 33 miler to Beal's and then two 40 milers back to back on Wednesday and Thursday this week I am more than ready. The big risk at this point is over-training and tearing up my legs, which are frankly still a bit sore.

Between my two bicycling groups there are over 30 people signed up, most of which I know, so it should be a fun ride. I will try to start slow and ease into it because as my fitness level increases it is more and more important that I warm up adequately. I've read about it, but recently, I've been experiencing it too. Slow at first is better. On a super-strong day I have a feeling I could ride it in 3:30, but will shoot for 4 hours this early in the season and keep my eye on the Mt Hamilton prize in mid-June - my personal goal for the season.

I am intrigued by the Auburn Century though, and if I decide to train for that, I will attempt to ride the Mt Hamilton route and then peel off half-way back to the start at San Antonio - where the Mt Hamilton and the Century routes go in opposite directions - where I'll join the Century route. This will make for around 15,000 ft of climb and ~ 150 miles. I'll have to see if I can get the route sheets for both. (I'd like to see them offer this as another ride since it wouldn't add to their SAG or logistical loads)

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